Depressed Foodie
11:22 PM

that moment when you realize there’s actually hope. 


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when you literally feel your heart shattering to pieces and your body goes numb from the pain.

7:56 AM
College Anxiety

Wow, summer went by so fast. It’s already May 23 and there’s only 10 days left for me here in Davao (well not for good but you guys know what i mean)  . Well, my mom’s not taking it easy, obviously. She keeps on telling me that I can still back out, stay here in Davao and take accountancy. Seriously? after all the tears I’ve shed just to study in ADMU? No way mom. But sometimes I can’t deny the fact that there’s a part of me that wants to stay. People say my mom has SA or separation anxiety. Yeah it’s true, it’s normal because she’s a mom but i bet my separation anxiety would be worse. I just keep on telling myself that I can do it. No matter what, I MUST CONTINUE. In order to be better, I must face challenges that will surely beat the crap out of me. Hell yes I’m putting my health to risk again but I’m up for the challenge. I’m determined to be a lawyer. People may doubt my skills and they may say I’m not good enough but you guys wait and see. This skinny, sickly and stubborn girl will prevail. 4 years from now I will definitely graduate and proceed to law school. I won’t fail my parents nor will I fail myself. 


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hmmm idk what to feel. parang nice man haha
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Thanks for making my High School life challenging and fun guys :D